Lisa & Fabien

13046269_10154246618248159_664028428_n.jpg프랑스를 베이스로 활동중인 파비안과 리사 강사 커플은 2010년부터 블루스 댄스를 가르치기 시작했습니다.리사는 런던 스튜디오 센터에서 춤에 관련된 학위를 딸 정도로 열정적이고 전문적인 댄서이며, 파비안은 15년의 린디합, 그리고 10년의 블루스 댄스 경험을 지닌 댄서입니다. 이 둘은 이처럼 서로 다른 백그라운드를 갖고 있지만 그렇기 때문에 더욱 멋지고 독특하면서도 스타일리쉬한 그들만의 블루스를 표현할수 있게 됩니다. 유럽 전역에서 블루스를 가르치는 리사와 파비안은 유럽과 미국의 다양한 블루스와 린디합 이벤트에서 입상하며 더욱 명성을 날리기 시작했으며, 다양한 쇼케이스를 오픈해 엄청난 호응을 얻은 멋진 댄서들입니다.

Fabien and Lisa are a couple living in Grenoble, France and have been dancing and teaching blues together since 2010. Coming from different backgrounds, Lisa having earned a degree in dance from the London Studio Centre and Fabien with 15 years experience of Lindy Hop and 10 years of Blues, their complementary styles work to form a unique and defining blend that is undoubtedly their own.

Fabien and Lisa teach Blues dancing throughout Europe and have placed and won many competitions both in Europe and the United States (Notably becoming European champions in the slow dance/ blues division in European Swing dance Championships in 2013, winning second place in 2015 and placing 4th in the showcase division at Camp Hollywood and ESDC in 2015 with their blues/slow swing Showcase). Known for their technically elegant and smooth dancing, as well as their dynamic tricks and aerials, they are versatile both as dancers and teachers.

Their fun natured teaching style, yet ability to breakdown a movement, means their classes are a perfect mix for those wanting to progress their dancing.
Constantly pushing themselves in their own dancing means they understand the work that goes into becoming a better dancer and are passionate about sharing their experiences and helping others to achieve their own goals.